Feburary 08, 2016
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We see audit as more than just numbers and compliance. Our goal is to help our clients better understand their business.
We consider it our job to keep our clients informed all year long of accounting,financial and regulatory developments

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Financial Reporting Services

In today’s competitive business environment and fast changing regulatory and reporting landscape, dynamic organisations
face several challenges with respect to financial reporting which could potentially impact the value of the businesses.

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Transaction Based Reporting

Strategic business initiatives such as capital raising, business acquisitions, divestures etc.,
require special attention and have far reaching implications.
Our professionals can assist in proactively addressing these implications.

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Direct Tax

Tax planning has never been easy, in the recent past, India has witnessed certain big tax policy changes such as GAAR taxation of indirect transfer of Indian assets in overseas

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Indirect Tax

In India, indirect taxes encompass every area of an Indian business. Generally any transaction, whether in goods or services, attracts various indirect taxes.

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Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing in India was introduced in 2001 for curbing tax avoidance by laying down norms for computation of income arising from international transactions

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Strategic advisory

Our range of services include advising Indian businesses on global expansion, Public Private Partnership (PPP) deals, undertaking financial planning & feasibility studies, HR strategy and fraud investigation.

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Transaction Advisory

Most growing businesses have to inevitably consider a domestic or cross-border transaction such as setting up a branch outside domestic market or acquiring an overseas company.

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Valuation, Mergers & acquistion

Putting a price on something or estimating its worth is never straightforward. Today, performing valuations are getting more and more complex with continuous changes in the regulatory and business environment.

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Business Risk

We serve clients, ranging from listed companies to multinationals, but more importantly we focus on dynamic organisations which are promoter and family managed businesses.

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Forensic & Investigation Services

Forensic is simply a term that means “of or used in connection with courts of law”. In other words, forensic accountants are involved in matters of actual

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Public Service

We help public-finance institutions improve their efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and fiscal positions–allowing them to make better use of public funds.

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