Feburary, 2016


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Direct Tax


Most growing businesses have to inevitably consider a domestic or cross-border transaction such as setting up a branch outside domestic market or acquiring an overseas company. These transactions are often complex and require careful consideration.

With our multidisciplinary expertise across sectors and industry verticals, we assist our clients in proactively executing strategic business transactions – by underscoring the major value drivers, and ascertaining the major risks and opportunities in the transaction.

Owing to our comprehensive domain expertise in navigating complex issues associated with a transaction, we are proficient in supporting you through every step of the transaction lifecycle – from initial investigation through to completion. Our integrated transaction advisory service offering that covers every phase of the transaction process includes the following:

  • traditional financial and tax due diligence
  • tax structuring
  • supporting the bid process
  • operations due diligence
  • management assessment
  • valuations
  • IT due diligence and advice
  • completion accounts
  • commercial due diligence

Working with our transaction advisory team you can anticipate:

  • professionals with valuable transaction experience
  • quick responses with meaningful, actionable advice
  • instant access to global network of member firms in more than 100 countries
  • standardised methodology
  • strong expertise with both financial and strategic buyers

Due diligence services

Our Due Diligence team, will help protect from various problems you face while carrying out the following:
  • acquisition of a business in India or overseas
  • private equity investments
  • disposal of a business
  • listing in overseas or Indian markets
  • project financing or pre-lending reviews

The PNK approach offers you high quality analysis and valuable business insights to guide your decision-making and reduce your risks when involved in these types of transactions

Who should use due diligence services:
  • investors and lenders
  • intermediaries such as investment bankers
  • businesses involved in a purchase or sale

We are exclusive due diligence providers to several leading private equity houses, Corporates and investment bankers.
Due diligence can provide information and insights on:
  • the operations of the target business

  • appropriateness of the accounting policies adopted by the target

  • the key financial and commercial risks of doing the transaction

  • warranties and indemnities that should be obtained

Our aim is to enable owners and managers to make such investments with confidence by supporting and advising at every stage. We will help reduce the risk – and stress – of investing at home or in another country.

The quality of our work and responsiveness is appreciated by a wide range of clients across a variety of assignments including:
  • financial and business due diligence for acquisitive Corporates, private equity and / or debt funded transactions

  • reporting accountant services for listing (e.g. LSE, AIM)

  • vendor due diligence

  • post deal integration and synergy reviews

  • review of forecasts, model and working capital requirements

Private equity investments
We work for several leading Indian and International Private Equity houses on mature-stage, growth stage and early stage transactions. We pride ourselves in the client feedback that we provide unique inputs on critical business issues that extend far beyond the typical accounting issues identified in diligence.

Cross-Border capabilities

We have significant experience in India out-bound and in-bound transactions. With our technical knowledge and keeping up with current affairs, you can be confident that you will receive holistic advice and support on cross-border transactions.

Vendor due diligence

If you are looking to raise capital through private placements of from the stock markets, see your business from the investors’ perspective well before they come in, through the process of vendor due diligence. This will help identify issues and prepare responses to buyers / investors. PNK vendor due diligence services will help you situate your business in the best position for successful investment outcomes.

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