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Transaction Based Advisory

Transaction Based Advisory

Strategic business initiatives such as capital raising, business acquisitions, divestures etc., require special attention and have far reaching implications. Our professionals can assist in proactively addressing these implications.

Transaction-based services include:
Capital raising
  • assistance in the preparation of financial information (consolidated/ combined/ pro forma/ carve out) for inclusion in prospectus
  • advice on corporate governance
  • getting up to speed for financial reporting to meet regulatory compliance on quarterly and annual basis
  • advice and implementation for ongoing financial reporting
  • assistance in getting the financial information audited

Business acquisitions
  • assistance in drafting/ review of share purchase agreement/ asset purchase agreement to address and assess the impact on financial reporting
  • assistance in Purchase Price Allocation accounting and preparation of opening balance sheet
  • assistance in consolidation and tax accounting
  • developing the accounting policies and procedures manual for the acquired entity

Post transaction advisory and support
  • developing group accounting policies and procedures manual
  • assistance in managing the global consolidation process
  • develop process and templates for collating information for dual GAAP reporting, MIS and tracking opening balance sheet adjustments
  • Advice on alignment of the GL structure to the consolidation platforms for consistency of classification, disclosures etc.

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