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Strategic Advisory

Strategic advisory

Our range of services include advising Indian businesses on global expansion, Public Private Partnership (PPP) deals, undertaking financial planning & feasibility studies, HR strategy and fraud investigation.
Our team comprises of a suite of strategy consulting capabilities which are directed towards enabling you to seamlessly achieve your business and operational objectives. We have designed our advisory services to unlock the potential for growth for our dynamic clients. Leveraging on the ability of our professionals to offer distinctive, high quality and personalised services to businesses worldwide, we have emerged as the partners of choice for decision makers operating across global markets. Our strength lies in our ability to combine Reason and Instinct to solve complex business challenges for our dynamic clients all over the world.
If you are looking to acquire, divest, list or raise capital, then you should speak to one of our specialists who can advise you on all intricacies related to these transactions.

Our suite of advisory services includes the following:
  • Leadership consulting
  • Strategic services
  • Corporate social responsibility & sustainability

1. Leadership consulting
With its Leadership Consulting services, PNK strives to enable entrepreneurs, CEOs and MDs to build high-performing teams who can achieve breakthrough business results. Delivered through the mode of intensive transformational workshops, our Leadership Consulting helps dynamic organisations create a common culture of innovation and achievement.
We aim at enabling the individuals to examine their roles as contributors to organisational output; taking ownership towards organisational goals, reinforcing their strengths and evolving strategies to overcome shortcomings, thus identifying the value-add at each level of the management chain.
We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions – the workshops are designed and tailored on the basis of specific organisational requirements and help build employees on the current learning by developing winning work styles that keep both the leader and his/her team motivated towards the vision, mission and strategy of the organisation.
These workshops are followed by consistent feedback and follow-up as part of a well-structured mechanism that provide recommendations on evaluation systems, implementation plans and further developmental requirements of the participants.

2. Strategic Services

At every stage in the business life cycle, there are potential opportunities for further success which are often disguised as challenges. At such junctures, having an expert group of advisers who work closely with the client to unlock these opportunities is often invaluable.

The success of any business rests on the four pillars of strategy, processes, people, and technology. PNK’s Strategic services group aims to provide clients with integrated solutions to enhance performance through positive interventions on two of these pillars – Strategy and People

We believe that each client situation is truly unique and we can assist organizations, with services that are customized for each client.

These services are grouped into four service lines for greater focus
A. Business strategy & Planning advisory:

i) Concept/Idea validation
ii) Market study / Industry assessment
iii) Vision / Mission – Creating/Devising/Re Working
iv) Location advisory
v) Business plan Creation / Validation
vi)Investment docket preparation
vii)Feasibility study
viii)Growth strategies
ix)Investment strategy
x)Joint venture planning
xi)Strategic alliance
xii)Distribution alliance
xiii)Competition assessment
xiv)Exit strategy

B. Organizational (HR) advisory:

Organization Structuring / restructuring
Recruitment strategy
Balanced scorecard sreation & KRA development
Performance management & measurement system
Employee satisfaction survey
Career management system
Fixed & variable compensation planning
Long term incentives (e.g. ESOPs)
HR policies and procedures development

C. Global sourcing advisory:

i) Business case development
ii) Location selection
iii) Operating model melection
iv) Process profiling / cost-benefit analysis
v) Acculturation
vi) People strategy

D. Government Advisory:

i) Policy interventions – Policy formulation
ii) Industry scan
iii) Industry benchmarking / Best practices

The Strategic services group practice is founded on three essential principles:
Personal attention, Positive solutions and Practical expert advice.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Our CSR & Sustainability professionals comprise a multi-disciplinary & multi-lingual team of social, environmental, infrastructure & IT experts, MBAs, CFEs, former police officers, investigators and accountants with specialized skill sets and years of national and international monitoring experience across industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Power, Health, IT&ITES, Real Estate, Investment, Government, NGO, etc.

Our services are wide ranging and include:
A)CSR Reviews – Helps in integrating your social & environmental initiatives with your business strategies;
B)Social & Environmental (S&E) Due Diligence – Helps identify potential social & environmental risks that can impact your deal
C)Vendor Monitoring – Ensures your code of conduct is understood & implemented across the supply chain
D)End-use Monitoring – Gives you comfort regarding effective/intended utilization of funds disbursed for development
E)Specific Studies – Designed to research social & environmental issues and problems impacting your business
F)Ethics & Integrity (E&I) Services – Helps you develop/revamp & internalize your code of conduct/whistleblower policy

A.CSR Review

A brief description of each of our existing CSR & Sustainability Services is given below:
CSR Reviews:
i) Good CSR means good business. It is important to build your market credibility and enhance your reputation as a socially responsible company
ii) For businesses to prosper and sustain in the long run CSR has to be integrated, internalized and institutionalized. A CSR review helps you in integrating your social and environmental initiatives with your business strategies
iii) It identifies your business risks and control gaps to assess social and environmental impact and assists you in reporting your CSR initiatives, investments and way forward action plan to your stakeholders

Your Requirements

i)Building an organization culture that internalizes CSR
ii)Rolling out social and environmental programs and benefiting from them without being and looking superficial
iii)Making strategic community investments
iv)Integrating products and services with CSR commitments
v)Improving operational and management performance of the organization vis-à-vis CSR
vi)Building confidence of the stakeholders
vii)Creating business value from innovative partnerships
viii)Tracking and monitoring social and environmental initiatives and achievements
ix)Focusing on employee ownership and volunteering

Social & environmental Due diligence


i)Helps you identify potential social and environmental risks that can impact your deal
ii)It assists you in prioritizing and quantifying these identified risks for impact assessment
iii)It identifies the control gaps against each of these risks
iv)Informs you on ‘as is’ social and environmental non-compliances to, seek indemnification, undertake necessary corrective actions and formulate the way forward action plan

Your Requirements

i)Knowing the status on compliance pertaining to basic legal environmental and social compliance
ii)Seek indemnification against social & environmental non-compliances
iii)Understand the efficacy of existing social & environmental aspects management systems
iv)Identifying, prioritizing & quantifying compliance risks against control gaps
v)Estimating the cost of mitigating these risks
vi)Assistance on standards to be incorporated
vii)Training/workshop requirements

Vendor Management

i)The obligation to purchase ethically is on the rise due to increased pressure and demand from stakeholders
ii)It is imperative for organizations to demonstrate that they are conducting their businesses responsibly, have laid down appropriate standards and procedures for S&E compliance and are committed to monitoring and implementing them across their supply chain
iii)It is not easy for businesses to monitor their offshore operations due to distance and limited or no understanding of local laws, culture, dialect, etc.
iv)There is also a risk of undisclosed production Your requirements
v)Ensure vendors understand, follow & comply with your COC pertaining to labor practices (including forced, bonded and child labor), freedom of association and collective bargaining, health, safety & environment, wages and benefits, working hours, discrimination, harassment & abuse, etc
vi)Discover undisclosed production units
vii)Announced and surprise visits and revisits to places of production in the supply chain
viii)Mitigating the risk of child labor in the supply chain
ix)Investigations pertaining to vendor selection & compliance
x)Customizing your COC to suit local requirements

End use Monitoring

i)End-use Monitoring gives you comfort with regard to effective and intended utilization of funds disbursed for socio-economic development
ii)Keeps a check on grantee from wasting resources
iii)Ensures proper utilization of funds disbursed for intended development
iv)Helps you assess the socio-economic impact of your funding
v)Assists you in identifying risks and control gaps that can lead to misappropriation/misuse of funds
vi)Guides you in formulating way forward action plan for optimization of funds to realize the larger goal of socio-economic development

Your Requirements

i)Pre & post grant assessment to ensure that your funds are being disbursed to the right people
ii)To assess whether your funds have been utilized adequately for the intended purpose and ensure there is no siphoning of funds
iii)Ensure appropriate internal controls exist for recording and reporting of expenditure under the project
iv)Make sure the funds bring about the intended socio-economic impact

Specific studies


i)There has been a shift in the audit approach. The agenda is to move beyond compliance by adopting appropriate remedial measures to realize the ultimate goal of sustainabilitySpecific studies Background
i) There has been a shift in the audit approach. The agenda is to move beyond compliance by adopting appropriate remedial measures to realize the ultimate goal of sustainability
ii)Specific Studies are required and designed to research social & environmental issues & problems impacting your business
iii)Such studies helps you to understand root causes and not just symptoms
iv)Helps you identify areas for intervention
v)Assists you in prioritizing solutions and taking necessary corrective actions
vi)Ensures that solutions are not mere ‘quick fixes’ but are sustainable in nature

Your Requirements

i)Conduct labor studies to assess, understand & address problems
COC compliance studies to assess, understand & action appropriate remedial measures
Pre-sanction, mid-term & ex-post evaluation studies
Community, area and industry specific studies

Ethics & Integrity Services

i)We assist organizations in setting up appropriate ethics practice, drafting/customizing their Code of Conduct, Whistleblower Policy and their Employee Handbook, conducting ethics awareness workshops and setting up & managing Ombudsman Office/Ethics Hotline
ii)We provide services to companies/organizations for continuous evaluation and in benchmarking their ethical status
iii)We use our methodologies, evaluation measures/tools & industry knowledge to review your ethics practice

Your Requirements

i)Assistance in Code of Conduct / Whistleblower Policy development
ii)Review existing code of conduct and other related business conduct policies
iii)Recommendations to make the existing code of conduct more specific to the business
iv)Suggestions for development of communication plans
v)Confidential ethics hotline

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